Право на жизнь

Костромская региональная общественная организации помощи животным

Куратор собак: (4942) 504-323
Куратор кошек: (4942) 504-322
(все разговоры записываются)

Good day, and we are glad to meet you!

This is a shelter for animals that got in trouble. It was founded in 2013 to help animals suffered in incidents or abandoned by their owners. We are the first and the only official organization that helps animals in Kostroma.

Basically we aim:
- reducing number of stray animals in Kostroma by adoption and spaying/neutering;
- humanization of people, responsibility increase of animals' owners, growth of kindness among youth, attraction to our activity pupils and students to prevent abusement of animals;
- creation of a shelter for animals in Kostroma.

This is a brief list of our activity:
- more than a thousand of animals have already been adopted;
- we spay/neuter animals;
- we look for families who are ready to adopt animals;
- many animals have been cured of diseases or injuries (and also saved from euthanasia);
- we use mass media and participate in actions supported by city or other organizations to attract attention of people to stray animals' problems;
- we conduct "Lessons of kindness" in schools;
- we created a shelter for animals and continue to organize it (more than 200 animals are living here now);
- we placed moneyboxes in many shops and supermarkets;
- we created a group in the Russian social network Vkontakte (vk.com/pravonajizn44) and this site.

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