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Growth of the shelter

So we worked hard in summer and in winter,
build_winter.jpg build_summer3.jpg

from dawn until dask...
build_dawn1.jpg build_dask2.jpg

Besides internal yards for dogs, we created outer bordered areas to walk puppies. Dogs with tick fur were put in kennels outside. Latter outer yards were adapted for permanent dogs residence and the number of kennels grew rapidly.

One of our problems was water. Or its absence to be exact. In the beginning it was not very hard for anyone to take several bottles of water to the shelter.

But as number of animals closed to 200 our regular water expeditions with dozens of bottles became rather tiring and time consuming. So it was decided to order well-sinking.

After the well had been done we reconstructed it a little to conduct water into the building. And though sometimes water froze in winter or pipe went out from a pump, in general it was a good solution and not so expensive all the more. At last we could get rid of numerous water bottles and concentrate on other things.

For example we made a hedge around the shelter with a gate and three doors, a woodshed, fire places to cook food for dogs, and...

Oh sorry! Our cats!
It seems I forgot to mention that we also have had cats from the very beginning. And their number also grew. But two cat's rooms in the building were very small and in our first summer we made a special house for cats.


But this issued in another problem. Cats we took in summer did not fit in the inner rooms. And winter was getting closer. So we had to place cats partly in a room destined for administrative and medical purposes. And there was no spare room at all. However we desired to have a proper medical room and a recovery room.

Fortunately we found two wonderful big and rusty mobile hangars within the farm area. We were allowed to move them to the shelter and very soon started to prepare them for our purposes.




Now it looks better!

Let's take a general look how all this was and how it became




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