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Remarkable stories


In 2013 they spotted a lamed dog. It was not easy to catch him, but soon he was brought to a clinic. And it was very timely.

The dog was too attenuated, ribs were visible. A hind leg was damaged. There were numerous wounds on his head and fore legs. Probably he had been hit by a car and rip by dogs.

We named him Max. He is rather friendly, but all disasters he experienced made him nervous and even timid a little. Two surgeries were made on his broken leg, but Max refused to use the fixed leg during several months and was very lean. However latter he became better. 

Now Max walks on four legs and is not so thin as before.

Unfortunately he is still not adopted. Somebody’s kind heart will certainly make him recover completely.


He had been found in a small settlement Nikolskoe near Kostroma. He was lying on grass, dirty, bloody, and weeping. People who found him brought him to a clinic. It was assumed that he had been hit by car and infected all the more. Examination discovered pelvis break, a bullet of a traumatic gun in a hind led, abscess on a jaw, dehydration. The cat refused to eat, but fuffed, roared and tried biting.

Next day, after an analgesic injection Sharik cheered up, crept to a cat’s tray and turned it over. His was still not very well.

A day later he changed roaring to purring even during medical procedures. But he still did not eat whatever food we laid before him until we tried a sausage. And so he turned out to be a sausage fan! During next two days he tasted some other food. But he could not stand yet.

After several days the cat tried to stand a little. Fortunately surgery was not needed, broken bones coalesced themselves.

Soon he became able to stand and walk but he was lazy about it. His motto: why walk if humans bring food and clean the bed.

A few days later Sharik seemed to be okay. But his eye did not stop suppurating whatever we undertook. At last it was discovered that there was another bullet in the eye. The bullet was extracted and so the eye recovered.

Now we have a big, healthy, tender and beautiful puss. Very lazy. 



Once we were informed of a dog that crawled on fore legs in a settlement near Kostroma. Soon it was caught and brought to a clinic.

We called him Martin. It was turned out that there was a bullet inside that crushed the spine.
Bullet_1.jpg Bullet_2.jpg

Who did shoot the dog and why? We shall never know. Martin will never walk. Also the urinary bladder did not function. It had to be emptied manually at least two times per day to prevent cystitis but there was no opportunity to do it in the shelter.

But such a sorrowful situation unexpectedly issued in a happy end! Our volunteers Artem and Tatiana Gevorkian adopted the dog. Martin is in the most responsible and kind hands now. We are very thankful to Gevorkians for such a virile decision.

Recent news: Once Martin managed to stand on four legs. We hope that probably he will walk.



The doggy was found with an open break of a leg in a village not far from Kostroma. A doctor said that he was living in such a condition about two weeks. So the damaged leg had to be amputated.

We named him Yasha and he became a new inhabitant of our shelter. Yasha ate and felt well. He was rapidly recovering. He just hated remedy jabs very much but, being placable, forgave us.

Finally Yasha completely recovered and has been adopted. Recently he sent greetings to us from his home.



One more lamed dog was found in the suburb of Kostroma. He was crawling on elbows and whimpered. X-ray showed a bullet in spine. He was named Valdie. This case was the same as Martin’s but Valdie could not use even fore legs – always fell on a side.
Valdie.jpg Valdie_1.jpg
And again Gevorkians family adopted him!
They took the second paralyzed dog! God bless them! We shall hope for a good issue.


And now meet Shakeera. She was found in a settlement near Kostroma and we were told that somebody had cut her paw with an axe. At first the wrist was hanging and swaying on a single bone left. But we were not able to catch her – she escaped. A little latter someone whom she trusted caught her and called us again. The wrist was already absent and we visited a doctor for further cure.
In a clinic the leg was cut in a proper place for best recovering.

And really she soon was okay.

While she was in a post-surgical hangar, she palled in with Molly (see her story below).  Together they once managed to steal a breakfast of our administrator that had been left on a shelf at the level of man’s chest. One dog was fat and heavy and another was of three legs – the only way we assumed was that Shakeera had stepped on Molly’s back to get the food (and certainly it was her idea – such a foxy one).

And now the happy end - Shakeera has been adopted. All her new family members love her (including cats). Isn't she lucky, is she?




This dog has experienced the most awful thing that could happen - betrayal. It was found on a street by a group of girls. It crawled on fore legs and girls could not just pass it by. So the dog got into a clinic. Examination showed that hind legs sense nothing, but there was neither break, nor injury. When owners of the dog were found the situation became clearer. There was no accident but some disease issued in paralysis of hind legs. When medical treatment did not help they found no more proper solution than to leave their pet friend in a forest to die. But the dog was crawled towards the town and was found.

Two days later internal bleeding started. Another examination discovered an additional problem - enteritis and piroplasmosis. We tried dropper and blood transfusion. The dog became better.

And now come on,  guess where Kukla rides to with so happy look? You are right - she goes home!

And now guess whose home is this?

Right again – Gevorkians’!

Artem and Tatiana have adopted the third paralyzed dog form the shelter. Different kinds of rehabilitation methods are planned. We shall hope that Kukla will walk again.

P.S. Unfortunately Kukla died in 16 monthes. However she died among love and care of people.




This boy was hit by a car. An unknown driver did not stop and left. But the accident was spotted by a young man who took the little one and brought it to a clinic. This man has also remained unknown because we forgot to inquire for his name.

The puppy had broken his pelvis and two astragaluses. Also he had a hematoma on his face. 
Casper_2.jpg  Casper_3.jpg

Doctors fixed all bone dislocations and breaks. 
Casper_4.jpg  Casper_5.jpg


We named the boy Casper. He was rapidly recovering when suddenly got ill – bloody scouring and vomit (looked like enteritis).  However Casper recovered again. But soon another trouble happened – he broke another leg (what a poor creature!), and so another 40-days period of recovering was to endure. We hope it was the last disaster for him. 
Casper is still in the shelter and is waiting for adoption.

P.S. Casper has been adopted.


Once people spotted a mother-dog with puppies near garbage cans. A big tumour on her belly attracted their attention. 
Soon it was discovered that the dog belonged to a man who had no desire to take care of it and told us to do what we wanted to it.
So the god got into our shelter. We called her Molly. The tumour was not the only problem – the dog was too fat and her eyes festered (probably a result of some thyroid disease). We took Molly to another town for consultation about her tumour. A doctor inclined to think that the tumour was benign and suggested surgery. It was decided to take some biomaterial for histology.

In the meantime we dieted Molly to reduce her weight and tried to cure her eyes. In a month the tumour started to open and we had to invoke surgery. The tumour had been removed and fortunately it really was benign. 

So Molly got rid also of the overweight which prevented her normal life. And though there are some other problems with her health, it seems she will be okay. Molly resides in the home of one of our volunteers for better care.



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