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Костромская региональная общественная организации помощи животным

Куратор собак: (4942) 504-323
Куратор кошек: (4942) 504-322
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Related activity

Besides feeding, walking and settling animals we also do other important things.

Medical treatment including spaying and neutering.

Initially medical procedures were made literally on laps in a small room that was also a dining room, an administrative room, a keeper room etc. Latter we made a floor in this room dividing it into two rooms, one over another, and surgery moved above. Then, as you might remember from the "Growth of the Shelter" section, upper room was given to cats, and we begun to prepare hangars instead.

This is our new surgery as it primarily looked...


It took a lot of work to prepare it.

How lucky we have been when we took part in a competition and won, having been granted some amount of money to buy needed medical equipment and medicines to provide charge-free spaying and neurtering. 

So we had been already obliged to start our sterilization programme, but our surgery still looked like you see on the left.

With doubled energy we hurried to complete it and in two months it looked much more presentable. 

So the sterilization programme had been successfully accomplished.

In the same way we arranged another hangar to keep ill animals there for recovery. You probably saw it in Growth of the Shelter section. Here it is


Public activity

One of purposes we aim is promotion of kind attitude to animals. So we try to take part in public actions of all kinds where we tell people of our shelter, show pictures, sell souvenirs and so on. 
Sometimes we take our animals with us. For example three-legged Yasha rather successfully sold magnetic stickers with his image.

Also we conduct "Lessons of kindness" in schools


And we put banners that ask people to adopt animals from shelters.